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Let us help you with your Linux systems and servers.

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We’re a team of freelancers from all around the world – experts, professionals working with Linux for years. Each one with certain skills specializing in different Linux systems and software.

We can support your Linux needs. Installation, configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting issues, optimization, and more. There’s no Linux task we can’t handle. Except exiting out of vim 🙂

First, we get as much information about your needs and requirements as possible. Then, we give you a cost estimation. If agreed upon, we’ll get you into our ticketing and chat systems so we can communicate throughout the process. Contact us if you need more info.

· Some of Our Linux Support Services ·

We cover pretty much every software, app, and Linux distro. Contact us, and chances are we will be able to help you. But here are some of our services we'd like to feature.


We'll set up, secure, and maintain your Debian servers.

trac logo


We'll install, configure, and monitor your Trac instances.

postgresql logo

We'll set up, secure, and update PostgreSQL for you.



We'll set up, configure, and secure Bugzilla on a Linux server.


We'll install, configure, optimize, and secure a LEMP/LAMP stack on your server.

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We'll set up, configure, and secure Dovecot.

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We work with FreeBSD too. Installation, configuration, and maintenance.


We'll install, configure, and secure your ProFTPD.

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We'll install, configure, and maintain any Wiki software for you.


We'll install, configure, optimize, and maintain your WordPress sites.

cPanel & WHM

We'll install, configure, and manage your cPanel servers.


Anything else Linux

We can do pretty much anything on Linux. Contact us for more info.

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