How to Install and Configure Arch Linux with a Desktop Environment

Preamble: Here is my method for installing Arch Linux. This can be a bit fiddly, but is a really great learning curve, especially if you are installing it on physical hardware. There are many methods to do everything, different partitioning tools, and lots of ways to carve up your disks […]

How To Make an Awesome Custom Shell with ZSH

Are you tired of that boring old standard bash shell you get after a generic install of your exciting new Linux OS? – if so, there are a few different shells to choose from, you have csh, ksh, bash, to name but a few; In this tutorial, I will show […]

The 5 Most Beautiful Linux Distros Out Of The Box

Do you like a beautiful desktop? Yes? Me, too! You know what’s great about Linux? You can change its look and feel the way you want it. But in order to do that, you need the skills to do that, and it’s time-consuming. So you might think, yeah! Let’s use […]

How To Install & Set Up Manjaro Linux 20 (Screenshots + Video)

Manjaro was the first Linux distribution I was introduced to when I first started using Linux over nine years ago. At the time, it was not only my favorite distro but one of the most stable distributions. For me, this meant I barely ever distro-hopped. It worked perfectly with my […]

Best Linux Distros for Windows Users

This article will be divided into 2 main parts. The first will be about the best desktop environments for Windows users, and the second will be about the best distributions for Windows users.  For new users, one term that I will be using throughout this article is Linux kernel, the […]

How To Install & Set Up VirtualBox on Linux

Virtualization is a powerful tool. It’s kind of like the psychological aspect of visualization, but on a completely higher level. You’re able to immerse yourself in a world that’s not actually there. When we’re talking about the power of visualization in the spectrum of psychology, this simply means that you’re […]

Deepin Linux vs. Elementary OS

One of the benefits of being a Linux user is that you’re essentially swimming in options of many distros to choose from. In my many years of being a Linux user, I have tried many distros, including Cylon Linux, Ubuntu, Manjaro, Deepin, Zorin OS, Feren OS, CloudReady, Hanna Montanna Linux […]

The 4 Best Linux Browsers I’ve Used in 2021

Do web browsers make a computer more useful or does a computer make a web browser more useful? In modern-day computing, web browsers have essentially become an all-in-one tool. Google’s Chrome OS is legitimate proof of this statement. We are now able to run word processors, excel sheets, have video […]

Opinions or Options: An Honest View of Windows versus Linux

A war is going on in my house. Yes, that’s right. I call it “The War of O.S.’s.” My wife prefers Mac. My son is clan Microsoft. And I come from the foreign land of Linux. However, in recent years, we have called a truce. I don’t bring up why […]