linux distros for mac users

Best Linux Distros For Mac Users: Top 3 Distros

Apple has always had a keen interest in designing things to be beautiful, whether we’re talking about their software, or referring to the iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Just look at their design principle: Aesthetic integrity represents how well an app’s appearance and behavior integrate with its function. For example, an […]

Linux vs. Windows: A Casual, Realistic Perspective

“Linux or Windows? Which is better?” This is an age-old question and a debate I often got into with my colleagues when I’d worked in I.T. The truth of the matter is, while I don’t always understand the religious fervor towards a particular (operating) system, Linux is and has always […]

The Top 3 Linux Distros For Students: Options You Can Try Right Now!

3 Best Linux Distros For Students: Options You Can Try Right Now!

With some regularity, I read Reddit (and other forum) threads that ask questions like “As a student, what’s the best laptop for me?” It’s all too common nowadays since there’s a big battle going on for the domination of the desktop/laptop operating system. We know about the 3 Big Brothers: […]

best linux distros for beginners

5 Best Linux Distros for Beginners

Are you tired of Windows problems? Have you heard about this magic place called Linux and you want to try it out? Here are the 5 best distros for beginners.