How To Install & Set Up VirtualBox on Linux

How To Install & Set Up VirtualBox on Linux

Virtualization is a powerful tool. It’s kind of like the psychological aspect of visualization, but on a completely higher level. You’re able to immerse yourself in a world that’s not actually there. When we’re talking about the power of visualization in the spectrum of psychology, this simply means that you’re […]

deepin linux vs elementary os

Deepin Linux vs. Elementary OS

One of the benefits of being a Linux user is that you’re essentially swimming in options of many distros to choose from. In my many years of being a Linux user, I have tried many distros, including Cylon Linux, Ubuntu, Manjaro, Deepin, Zorin OS, Feren OS, CloudReady, Hanna Montanna Linux […]

best browsers for Linux

The 4 Best Linux Browsers I’ve Used in 2021

Do web browsers make a computer more useful or does a computer make a web browser more useful? In modern-day computing, web browsers have essentially become an all-in-one tool. Google’s Chrome OS is legitimate proof of this statement. We are now able to run word processors, excel sheets, have video […]

OPINIONS OR OPTIONS: (An Honest View of Windows versus Linux)

Opinions or Options: An Honest View of Windows versus Linux

A war is going on in my house. Yes, that’s right. I call it “The War of O.S.’s.” My wife prefers Mac. My son is clan Microsoft. And I come from the foreign land of Linux. However, in recent years, we have called a truce. I don’t bring up why […]

How To Install Ubuntu 20.04 (Video + Screenshots)

How To Install Ubuntu 20.04 (Video + Screenshots)

If you’re making the transition from Mac or Windows over to Linux, the method of flashing Ubuntu to your USB and installing Linux onto your computer can make or break your entire experience. Today, I’m going to go through the steps so that you can successfully install Ubuntu on your […]

6 Best Note-Taking Apps for Linux

6 Best Note-Taking Apps for Linux

In 1993, only 693 websites existed on the Internet while in ’99, only 23 blogs existed on our dear old friend. In 2006, that number jumped to having over 50 million websites on the Internet. Today, we have over one billion websites on the Internet. We’re no longer swimming in […]

6 Best Office Suites for Linux in 2020

6 Best Office Suites for Linux in 2021

Whether you want to admit it or not, Microsoft has been known to have the title “King of Software” for a reason. Their office suite, Office 365 (and its previous iterations) has been (and continues to be) used in many work environments, educational institutions, personal development cases, research facilities, and […]

The Best Linux Distros For Everyday Use

The Best Linux Distros For Everyday Use: 6 Recommendations

So, let’s talk about Linux, Hey! Wait! Come back! Get over here, relax, have a seat, we’re just talking about it! That’s all nothing more. Whew! Now, what was the first thing that came to your mind when you heard that word? Perhaps a computer from 1982 with nothing but […]

linux distros for mac users

Best Linux Distros For Mac Users: Top 3 Distros

Apple has always had a keen interest in designing things to be beautiful, whether we’re talking about their software, or referring to the iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Just look at their design principle: Aesthetic integrity represents how well an app’s appearance and behavior integrate with its function. For example, an […]

Linux vs. Windows: A Casual, Realistic Perspective

“Linux or Windows? Which is better?” This is an age-old question and a debate I often got into with my colleagues when I’d worked in I.T. The truth of the matter is, while I don’t always understand the religious fervor towards a particular (operating) system, Linux is and has always […]