11 Funniest Linux Meme Distros, Software, and Commands

We’ve already featured serious Linux distros like distros for servers and distros for programming. Now, it’s time to blow off some steam with a few funny Linux distros and software.

All of these Linux distros and software are actually usable, and they have a funny spin to them. We won’t include unique distros like Damn Vulnerable Linux, GoboLinux, or certain religious Linux distros. We might create a different list for them. In this article, we’ll only feature funny distros and software that are just a meme.

Hanna Montana Linux

hannah montana linux

Let’s start with a classic – Hanna Montana Linux. It’s a distro based on Kubuntu that uses a Hannah Montana theme.

Justin Bieber Linux

justin bieber linux

If you don’t really like Hannah Montana, you always have an alternative to consider – Biebian. It’s a distro based on Puppy Lucid 525.

Rebecca Black OS

rebecca black os

Not a fan of Hanna Montana or Justin Biber? Then you can try Rebecca Black OS. The first Linux distro to use Wayland by default.



Maybe you’re not a fan of music at all and you’re just a pro gamer boy. In that case, AmogOS is perfect for you. The most sus Linux distro with an Among Us theme.

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Ok, so you’re not a gamer, nor a fan of music. It might be difficult to find a good fit for you, but if you’re a weeaboo, you’re still covered with UwUntu. It actually features useful pre-installed software.

Suicide Linux

suicide linux

If you’re confident in your CLI skills, then try Suicide Linux. Once you mistype a command, Suicide Linux rm -rfs your system. You can run it on Docker. Don’t do this on your main machine. Use a VM or a VPS.

Steam Locomotive

sl command

The sl command turns your mistyped “ls” command into an animated ASCII Steam Locomotive.


root@linuxstans:~# cowsay I love Linux Stans
< I love Linux Stans >
        \   ^__^
         \  (oo)\_______
            (__)\       )\/\
                ||----w |
                ||     ||

The Cowsay command outputs a cow (ASCII art) that will say anything you want. You can also combine the cowsay command with other commands (like the fortune command). There’s also “xcowsay” that uses a graphical cow instead of ASCII art.



CMatrix will turn your terminal window into a window straight from the Matrix movies.



Just in time for winter, the aafire command will turn your terminal into an ASCII fireplace. Powered by aalib. Install aalib and run “aafire”



ASCIIQuarium turns your terminal into an ASCII aquarium.

Any suggestions?

There are a lot more commands that use ASCII art, but that’s it for now. We might write another article dedicated to ASCII art commands in the Linux terminal. You can even watch Star Wars with “telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl”. You can run all these commands on a Linux server too, so that’s fun.

Leave a comment below. There’s got to be more.

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