Ubuntu 24.04: Release Date, New Features to Expect & More

Ubuntu 24.04 is the 10th LTS release of Ubuntu. On this page, we’ll list all the available and known details about Ubuntu 24.04 – release date, new features, what to expect from the new release, and more. We’ll keep updating this page as new info comes in. Make sure to bookmark and check back.

Ubuntu 24.04 Release Date

The release date for Ubuntu 24.04 is April 25, 2024. LTS releases of Ubuntu are always released in April, which is the “04” part of the version number. And “24” in this case is the year number, 2024.

Ubuntu 24.04 Release Schedule

This is the release schedule for Ubuntu 24.04 along with the exact dates and what they mean:

  • February 29, 2024 – Feature Freeze. This is where Ubuntu will stop introducing new features, APIs, and packages.
  • March 21, 2024 – User Interface Freeze. This means that no further changes will be done to the UI so people writing documentation and translating can do it so it doesn’t affect screenshots.
  • April 11, 2024 – Ubuntu 24.04 Beta. This is when you’ll get the new Beta version if you’ve opted for beta releases. This is also quite an important date.
  • April 25, 2024 – Ubuntu 24.04 LTS release date. This is the official date when everyone will get the new Ubuntu LTS release.
  • April, 2036 – This is the EOL (End Of Life) for this version. You’ll stop getting new updates and security patches.

Noble Numbat: The Codename of 24.04

Ubuntu 24.04 is called “Noble Numbat”. Ubuntu codenames are always made up of 2 words, one is an adjective and the other is an animal. You’ll be seeing this name a lot throughout everything related to Ubuntu 24.04.

What’s new in Ubuntu 24.04 – New Features and New Software

What’s new in this release also depends if you’re updating from 22.04 or 23.10. Naturally, there will be more new features and changes for you if you’re updating from 22.04

A new version of GNOME, the desktop environment

Ubuntu 24.04 will be using GNOME 46. Notable features in this release are better touchscreen support, better responsiveness, and an all-around improved UI with better animations.

A new version of the Linux kernel

The new release of Ubuntu will ship with version 6.8 of the Linux kernel. This means better support for CPUs and GPUs, better power management for laptop batteries, and more improvements.

Thunderbird will be snapified

Thunderbird will be snap-ified. It will use a snap package instead of a DEB package in the planned 24.04 release.

No games will be included in Ubuntu 24.04

Starting with 24.04, no games will be included in the install by default. So in other words, Solitaire, Mahjongg, Mines, and Sudoku will no longer be available by default. You can always install them afterward, and you can also install other games for Linux.

Cheese (the Camera app) will be changed with GNOME Snapshot

If you have a webcam, you’ve probably used Cheese already. GNOME Snapshot has an option for a timer, you can take photos and record videos. It doesn’t have the filters and effects that Cheese has.

This is the new wallpaper

Canonical released the new 24.04 wallpapers – they feature a Noble Numbat with Ubuntu’s well-known style and color schemes. It’s available in color, white, and dark versions. All images and graphics are available to download in various sizes and formats here.

Better power management

An update was made to the power-profiles-daemon package in Ubuntu 24.04 that makes the Balanced mode more efficient.

An updated installer

The new installer has updated graphics and a new order for the installation steps. You can also edit a .yaml file to pre-configure the installation in order to help with faster provisioning.

The minimal install doesn’t include LibreOffice, Rhythmbox, etc.

By default, the installer chooses the “minimal” option which doesn’t include pre-installed software like LibreOffice and Rhythmbox. You need to choose the Extended option to get all the pre-installed software.

An optional immutable snap-based version

There will be 2 options: the classic Ubuntu desktop based on Debian that everyone knows and uses, and a new snap-based version that uses only snaps. The latter version is meant for developers and enthusiasts. It already exists as Ubuntu Core, but this will be a desktop version, not a version just for IoT devices. Most people actually don’t prefer using snaps, but so having this as an optional release is a nice move, for now.

Update: this is no longer planned for 24.04 due to some issues.

If you’re coming from Ubuntu 22.04 or 23.10, these are the new (for you) features:

  • A new Quick Settings status menu – you can change Wi-Fi settings, and enable Dark Mode, Bluetooth, Night Light, and more.
  • The Spread effect from Unity – when you click on an app’s icon in the dock, it will show all open windows of the same app.
  • A new installer. A simpler (more user-friendly) interface with improved dual-boot support. Note: you should select the “Expanded Installation” option instead of the Minimal option if you want software like LibreOffice and Thunderbird to be pre-installed.
  • Software Center is replaced with App Center. There’s a separate Firmware Updater now instead of it being part of Software Center.
  • A lot of performance improvements.
  • A lot of new app versions.
  • A lot of changes and improvements in GNOME, the desktop environment.
  • and more. You’ll notice a lot of new improvements, features, and apps.

Where to Download Ubuntu 24.04?

If you’ve opted for beta releases, you can just download the new release straight from your Ubuntu machine.

If you’d like to download the new version and install it, you can get it from this link.

You’ll need at least 1 GB of RAM to install and use the desktop image.

FAQs about Ubuntu 24.04

Here are some questions you might have about Ubuntu 24.04 along with answers:

What Does LTS Mean?

“LTS” means “Long Term Support”, which basically means that this release will be supported for 10 years. It will release updates and security patches for 10 years, instead of the shorter support cycle of other standard non-LTS releases.

There’s a new LTS release every 2 years. The last LTS release of Ubuntu was 22.04.

By default, everyone gets 5 years of support and updates, but if you get Ubuntu Pro (which is free for personal use for up to 5 computers), you’ll get 10 years of support.

Based on an interview with Mark, 24.04 might get 12 years of updates.

LTS releases are more thoroughly tested and worked on, so companies that prefer stability opt for LTS releases. This means you should use Ubuntu LTS releases for servers. Even if you use Ubuntu for personal use, you should still use an LTS release if you prefer stability and longer support.

What are “Daily Builds”?

Daily Builds are versions of Ubuntu that developers and testers work on. A new version is released daily. You shouldn’t use a daily build for your production machines. It’s only meant for testing purposes.

I use the daily builds on my laptop for personal use and I just download the new updates as they come in. Eventually, I’ll get to the official, final, stable release.

The “current” daily builds have passed automated tests, and the “pending” haven’t passed the automated tests.

How do I update to Ubuntu 24.04?

You can use the terminal or the GUI updater. We have detailed instructions here.

How to try 24.04 without installing it?

You can use VirtualBox or just flash the release to a USB drive and use the Live version. You don’t need to install it.

How to check what version I’m currently using?

You can do so by running this command:

lsb_release -a

There are more detailed instructions here.

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