Best Black Friday Linux Deals

This post will feature all the best deals for Linux products and services for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

We’ll feature deals for:

All the deals here are the best you can find for this year’s (2023) Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Make sure to bookmark this page and check back for updates and new deals.

Quick list of the best Linux deals for Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2023

ProviderCategoryDiscountExpiration Link
SolaDriveLinux web hosting50% lifetime discountJanuary 5, 2024Get the deal
Star LabsLinux laptops10% offLimited quantitiesGet the deal
PurismLinux laptops, Linux Mini PCs$350 offDecember 15, 2023Get the deal
pCloudLinux cloud storage85% offNovember 26, 2023Get the deal
UdemyLinux online coursesVariousNovember 24, 2023Get the deal
AmazonEverythingVariousN/AGet the deals
AliExpressEverythingVariousN/AGet the deals
LenovoLinux hardware78% offN/AGet the deal
HPLinux hardware70% offN/AGet the deal
Humble BundleLinux games, Linux books90% offN/AGet the deal
PluralsightLinux courses50% offDecember 5, 2023Get the deal
Proton VPNLinux VPN60% offDecember 4, 2023Get the deal
Proton MailEmail33% offDecember 4, 2023Get the deal
Linux FoundationLinux courses, Linux certifications65% offDecember 4, 2023Get the deal
KodeKloudLinux courses45% offNovember 26, 2023Get the deal
EdurekaLinux courses15% offNovember 24, 2023Get the deal
No Starch PressLinux books35% offNovember 27, 2023Get the deal
UdacityLinux courses50% offNovember 27, 2023Get the deal
KoofrLinux cloud storage40% offNovember 27, 2023Get the deal
Bonus: Big Non-Black Friday Linux DealsVariousVariousN/AGet the deals

SolaDrive – Linux VPS Hosting – 50% lifetime discount

SolaDrive – Linux Dedicated Server Hosting – 30% lifetime discount

This is a once-a-year type of discount that SolaDrive offers. You can get a 50% lifetime discount (you’ll keep the discount forever) for their VPS hosting and 30% for their Dedicated Server hosting. They offer fully managed VPS and dedicated server hosting and they support Linux. You can compare SolaDrive with other Linux server providers here.

These coupons expire on the 5th of January, 2024.

If you missed this coupon, you can get our exclusive 25% lifetime discount promo code.

Star Labs – Linux Laptops – StarBook – 10% discount

No need for a coupon, the 10% discount for StarBook will be applied automatically.

Limited-time availability. Limited quantities.

Star Labs offers Linux hardware. They are one of the most popular Linux laptop providers. You can compare them with other laptops here.

If you missed this deal, there are other Star Labs coupons here.

Purism – Linux hardware – Librem 5 Phone – $350 off

This coupon is valid until December the 15th. You can get $350 off the Librem 5 phone with this coupon code.

Purism offers Linux laptops, phones, servers, keys, and more. They are focused on privacy. We’ve compared their laptops, phones, and tablets.

After this sale ends, you can check back on our Purism coupon codes page for other coupons.

pCloud – Linux cloud storage – 85% off

This deal is link-activated, no need for a coupon.

This deal will end on 11/26/2023. It’s a 3 in 1 lifetime bundle.

They will also have a Cyber Monday deal.

pCloud is the most popular cloud storage provider for Linux. They offer native Linux GUI apps with CLI support. This Black Friday, they offer up to 85% lifetime discount.

Udemy – Linux courses – Black Friday – various discounts

Courses from $9.99. This Black Friday deal ends on the 24th of November, 2023.

Udemy – Linux courses – Cyber Monday – various discounts

This Cyber Monday deal ends on the 27th of November, 2023.

Udemy is a popular provider of various online courses, including Linux courses. We’ve featured some of their courses on our Where to Learn Linux page. This Cyber Week, you can get up to 85% off online courses.

At Udemy, you can find Linux courses like Udemy – Complete Linux Training Course to Get Your Dream IT Job

If you missed these discounts, you can always get a coupon for Udemy.

Amazon – everything – various discounts

Like every year, Amazon has amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on…everything. You can get all sorts of Linux stuff on Amazon, including Linux books, Linux hardware, Linux stickers, Linux shirts, etc. We’ve featured dozens of products from Amazon on our website. They offer various discounts and various perks. Explore the deals here.

AliExpress – everything – various discounts

AliExpress is an (often cheaper) alternative to Amazon. You can get phones, flash drives, SSDs, keyboards, mice, stickers, shirts, and pretty much everything else. Lots of Linux products to choose from. This Cyber week they have various discounts to choose from. You can find all the deals on their website.

Lenovo – Linux hardware – up to 78% off

You’re already familiar with Lenovo. They sell laptops, keyboards, mice, and other hardware that’s compatible with Linux. We’ve featured some of their laptops in our articles. This Black Friday, they offer various discounts of up to 78% off on their laptops, mice, bags, keyboards, headphones, monitors…pretty much everything. You can check their Black Friday deals here.

HP – Linux hardware – up to 70% off

HP, similarly to Lenovo, offers all kinds of hardware that are compatible with Linux. We’ve featured some of their laptops in our articles. This HP Black Friday deal will give you various discounts of up to 70% off and perks like free shipping. Get the deals here.

Humble Bundle – Linux games and books – up to 90% off

Humble Bundle offers bundles of games and books, and you can also buy them individually. They have lots of games and books to choose from, and they also have a lot of options for Linux games and Linux books. This Black Friday sale will give you various discounts of up to 90% off. You can get the deals here (no coupon needed)

Sign up for an annual Humble Choice membership – or give one as a gift – using code HOLIDAY23, and play great games the whole year round for just $99 (USD)! Regular price $129. Ends Dec. 31

Pluralsight – Linux courses – 50% off

Pluralsight offer Linux courses (and courses for other topics). If you have a membership, you’ll get access to all the courses. We’ve featured some of their courses in our articles. This Black Friday you can get 50% off their annual membership (no coupon needed)

This deal expires on December 5, 2023.

You can get their Pluralsight – Getting Started with Linux course

Proton VPN – Linux VPN – 60% off

ProtonVPN is one of the most popular VPN providers for Linux that focuses on privacy. They are a popular choice among Linux users. They have a GUI and a CLI app for Linux. This Black Friday, they are offering up to 60% off their VPN + some months free. Get the deal here

Proton Mail – email – 33% off

Proton also offers email services among their VPN, cloud storage, and other privacy-focused products. This is not “Linux” email hosting, but a lot of people that use Linux also use Proton Mail because of their focus on privacy. This Black Friday, they are offering up to 33% off their premium Proton Mail products. Get the deal here

The Proton deals are valid until December 4th, 2023.

Linux Foundation – courses and certifications –  up to 65% off

Linux Foundation is one of the most popular providers of Linux courses and Linux certifications. They are one of the best options to learn Linux. We featured them in some of our articles. They will have huge discounts for Cyber Monday.

These Cyber Monday promos will kick off at 12:01am UTC on Monday, November 27th and last through Monday, December 4th. Savings on Bootcamps, bundles and more will be up to 65% and individual e-learning and instructor-led courses and individual certifications will be up to 50%. Get the deal at their website.

You can find other Linux Foundation coupons here.

KodeKloud – courses – up to 45% off

KodeKloud has a lot of developer-focused (DevOps) courses. You can choose their Linux learning path to learn Linux, learn bash, and get ready for an RHEL certification (along with DevOps job interview questions). This Black Friday, they’re offering up to 55% off their premium courses. However, some courses are free. This deal is valid to the 26th of November. Get the deal here (no coupon needed)

Edureka – courses – 15% off

Edureka has a few Linux courses to choose from, including:

  • Linux Fundamentals Certification Training
  • Linux Administration Certification Training Course
  • DevOps Engineer Masters Program
  • and more

This year, they’re offering a Thanksgiving/Black Friday deal of up to 15% off. This coupon is valid until the 24th of Nov.

If you missed that coupon, you can use one of the coupons here.

No Starch Press – books – 35% off + free shipping

No Starch Press has a lot of great Linux books to choose from (we’ve recommended a lot on our site), including:

This Black Friday, they’re offering 35% off everything plus free shipping on US orders over $50. The sale ends on November 27, 2023. Use the coupon code: DEALS4DAYS

Udacity – courses – 50% off

We’ve featured Udacity in our Where to Learn Linux articles. They provide great courses, and some of them are free. This Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal will get you 50% off their courses. The deal ends this Cyber Monday.

Koofr – Linux cloud storage – 40% off

Koofr is a popular cloud storage provider for Linux users. You can learn more about them here.

This Black Friday, get 40% off on cloud storage with their L (100 GB) and XXL (1 TB) yearly plans.

This deal will end on 11/27/2023.

Bonus: Big Non-Black Friday Linux Deals

There are other deals that are not specifically for Black Friday or Cyber Monday (not with that theme or period), but they are still unique and big discounts that would very much fit within this category. You can also check our Coupons category for more Linux deals.

Vultr – web hosting – $100 free credits

Vultr is a popular Cloud web hosting provider that offers cloud web hosting with a lot of Linux distros to choose from. They’re the top choice for Linux developers, sysadmins, and DevOps engineers running Linux servers. This is not a Black Friday deal, so feel free to use the deal whenever. Just use our link and you’ll get $100 free credits when creating an account, no coupon is needed. You can find other Vultr deals here.

Linode – web hosting – $100 free credits

Similarly to Vultr, Linode is a popular Cloud server provider that has a lot of Linux distros to choose from for your servers. They’re one of the best web hosting providers out there. You can use this deal whenever (while it’s active), it’s not a Black Friday deal, but it’s too good to pass on. Use our link and the free credits will be applied automatically when creating an account. No coupon is needed. You can find other Linode (Akamai) deals here.

DigitalOcean – web hosting – $200 free credits

DigitalOcean is a popular cloud hosting provider that focuses on developers. Lots of Linux users love them. They’re one of the best cloud hosting providers out there. It’s not a Black Friday deal, but it’s too good to miss. You get $200 free credits as a free trial to test their services out. The deal is link-activated.

Stay tuned for more Linux Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Bookmark this page and keep coming back. We’ll add more deals soon. You can also follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter to get notified.

When are Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday is on November 24, 2023. Cyber Monday is on November 27, 2023. The weekend and the days between/after/before Black Friday and Cyber Monday are often referred to as “Cyber Week”. The discounts and offers usually start on Black Friday and last until Cyber Monday.

When do these deals expire?

Most of these deals will expire on Cyber Monday (Nov 28), but every deal has a specific expiration date, usually displayed on their promo page or on this page below their section.

Can you combine these deals with other deals and promos?

It depends on the provider, but in most cases, no – you can’t combine other coupons and deals with these Black Friday deals. Contact the provider you’re looking into and ask them to make sure.

Can I add a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal/coupon/discount to this list?

Yes! If you have a Linux Cyber Week deal you want to share, either leave a comment below or contact us and we’ll add it to our post.

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